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PAT Testing

What is Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

The electric at work regulations states that all systems and equipment, including portable appliances used in the work environment should be tested and in a safe condition for their use. The HSE recommends that a schedule of testing and inspection must be implemented in all work places.

What needs PAT Testing?

Any item that can be hand held or moved whilst connected to a power supply via leads and a plug

Any item is 18kg or less and is powered by 50 to 415 volts

Items that can prove to be an exception to the rule but still require testing: Fridge / Freezers / photocopiers / vending machines / dishwashers.

New for 2013óRisk based PAT testing.† Reduce you testing requirements and costs by assessing† this risk of an item becoming defective.† Test those† hard wired† appliances that never got tested in the previous testing system.† New help with the new rules?† Give us a call.


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